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Videa Hummer Vision Audio Cameron MO 2003 Hummer H1

Vision Audio Cameron MO 2003 Hummer H1

Every year Vision Audio selects a new vehicle and transforms it into a tall and loud machine not to be reckoned with. This year the choice was a 2003 Hummer H1 purchased in Arizona, and we went big! First we started by replacing the factory tires and wheels with 22" XD wheels wrapped with 40" Toyo open country mud terrain tires. Then we smoked out all 18 of the exterior lights and replaced the headlight with a set of High Intensity Discharge bulbs. We added the custom riveted fender flares. Updated the mile marker hydraulic winch and of course tinted the windows with our high performance lifetime warranty tint.JL Audio was the Speaker of choice again topping out at 23 speakers which consists of 2 W7 subs, 1 W3 sub, 2 sets of ZR components 1 set ZR 8" mid drivers, 1 set of C5 components and 2 sets of Marine speakers. JL Audio was also the choice to wire and power the speakers 3 HD amps and 3 of the new XD amps. Hushmat was the choice to keep the rattles and road noise at distance with ultra sheets and foam sheets. Nesa helped with the 5, 7" TV's. With the increasing popularity of Apple's iPad we had to have one, The iPad2 is the main audio and video processor installed in a custom dash pad for the driver. JVC is the video controller for the system with its AVX77 in dash DVD unit. We converted the standard rubber floors to a high grade carpet. Installed two tone leather front and rear with heat on the seats. The old school looking dash is a thing of the past thanks to Edge ...

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