Video - Ultimate Hummer H1 Limo - Summer Special

Videa Hummer Limousine Ultimate Hummer H1 Limo - Summer Special

Ultimate Hummer H1 Limo - Summer Special Description #1 source It's Arrived! Our newest addition "One of a Kind H1 Hummer" With seating for 14-16 passengers all the best features inside make this the definite option. With shock and awe! This limousine is perfect prom, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, group sporting events, any special event, and for Brides that want a unique look. Leather Seating · Neon Lighting · Stargazer Ceiling Lighting · Privacy Partition · 3 Mini Bars with Water & Ice · Intercom · Hardwood Floors Skyline Limousine Services & Fleet Management 1228 S. Howard Avenue | Suite 1 | Tampa, FL 33606

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