Video - Russian Monster Trucks: Siberian Hummers on bad ass tires

Videa Hummer 4x4 Russian Monster Trucks: Siberian Hummers on bad ass tires

Russian Monster Trucks: Siberian Hummers on bad ass tires The Russian monster trucks with these huge tires show amazing off-road capability. Great floatation on snow and soft ground and some even float on water and have jet powered capability. These Russian all terrain vehicles, are especially designed for the Siberian environment, but can be used anywhere. If you wanted to listen to the russian version - I hate to dissapoint you. I have no clue what they are saying, so will just give you my thoughts. +++ In the first video we see some huge russian trucks used on the tundra for hauling heavy stuff. The "smaller" - Dodge Power Wagon like - blue one is a real beauty. Driving over the soft snow where most 4x4s would sink right in and never be seen again! These could be modified army trucks - at least they remind me of an old Dodge Weapon. The bad ass tires have low air pressure to get these heavy trucks through the tough terrain, even some extremely soft swamps. +++ Here is another "Siberian Hummer". The ATON IMPULSE VIKING-2992 is a lighter truck with even softer tires. Capable of driving cross-country - literally through all-terrain - be it soft deep snow or even on water. It has a jet-ski type motor - so water is nothing to stop it either. Weighin only 1 and a half tonnes and sitting on giant 51 inch tires (1.3 meters) means it has extremely low ground pressure. This gives it floatation on snow and softer ground. +++ The last video is taking this to the extreme. Specially built Kamchatka vehicles - literally ...


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