Video - Rough Country's Hummer H3 Lift KIt! $69.95

Videa Hummer H3 Rough Country's Hummer H3 Lift KIt! $69.95

Rough Country's Hummer H3 Lift KIt! $69.95 Rough Country is proud to announce a brand new kit for Hummer H3's! Introducing the incredibly simple, yet enormously effective 2.5" Leveling Suspension Kit for Hummer H3. This easy to install kit makes a huge difference for a small price. Utilizing a torsion bar key spacer and lifted rear shackle, this H3 suspension kit affords plenty of room to run up to 33" tires. Best of all, this kit is designed to level the front of the vehicle with the rear - which, once installed, gives a tremendous and noticeable upgrade to the look and feel of your vehicle by providing the type of aggressive stance that fits in so well with the H3's bold design. This kit installs quickly and easily, featuring a 100% bolt-on process that can take 3 hours or less to complete! To make the deal even sweeter, we're offering this kit at an unbeatable price, retailing for just $69.95.

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