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Videa Hummer "H6" Road Test: Hummer H3T

Road Test: Hummer H3T

Laurence Tureaud starred on the iconic '80s television program The A-Team. Colloquially as Mr. T, he played the roll of BA Baracus, a crime-fighting ex-army commando. But even before he made it big in Hollywood, Mr. T worked as a bouncer and celebrity bodyguard where he earned himself a reputation for being tougher than rusty nails. Possibly drawing inspiration from Mr. T, GM's Hummer division is launching an all-new truck, the H3T. Other than sharing an obvious consonant in their names, the Hummer H3T and Mr. T have at least one more characteristic in common, toughness. The H3T unites the go-anywhere ruggedness of the H3 SUV with the carry-anything capability of a Chevy pickup Sure, other manufacturers build similar, half-breed trucks, but even the Ford Explorer Sport Trac lacks the off-road pedigree of this Hummer.

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