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Pink Hummer Limo Hire In Birmingham Video Pink Hummer Limo Hire In Birmingham - For the very best in pink hummer limo hire experience, you simply must take a look at our tailor made made pink hummer limousine. It was custom built and prepared for us to our own unique standard and specification in California. Our purpoase built Pink Hummer lomo is specially dedicated for all style loving ladies. Yes, this Pink Limo is for those ladies that desire sheer luxury and style never before witnessed in th UK in a pink limousine previously. This fabulous limo comes equipped with our trademark single piece window with hidden colour transforming LED lights. To make sure you enjoy a stylish entrancea full chrome pack is installed to this amazing limo and our Pink Hummer comes with massive 22 inch chrome wheels. This is a perfectly co-ordinated Pink Hummer as the interior boasts a pink and white colour scheme including the seats, bar and partitions. This Hummer is a club in itself with a disco floor, level 5 sound system with subs, 7 LCD TVS, LED colour changing lighting in the full length mirrored ceiling and partitions. Let us not forget the illuminated bunny in the rear wall. You wont be surprised to learn that our ink hummer limo is custom fitted with Ice boxes and champagne buckets which hold 4 bottles of complimentary bubbly*. * Its soft drinks for the under 18s Can you imagine what a fantastic birthday surprise it will be for for your daughter,or for that special hen night or even a wedding ...



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