Video - Ike Man Part 3 (Hummer's Stage, 3-13 Archer's Stage)

Videa Hummer Ike Man Part 3 (Hummer's Stage, 3-13 Archer's Stage)

Ike Man Part 3 (Hummer's Stage, 3-13 Archer's Stage)

UPDATE! For anyone who wants to play Rosenkreuzstilette, AKA the game Spiritia (Tia) Rosenburg is from: All right, so here's what's gonna down: Simmah "RAGING THUNDER SHIT" Part 3 to Ike Man. Since I haven't uploaded in a while, I bring you guys a lot of special treats this time around! :D This contains Eco-Friendly Man and Marks Man's stage. Questions about any material, programs, tools, whatever that I use, I will answer! Oh, yeah, this is merely meant for satire and I claim nothing as my own, except Fatima. :3 Disclaimer was just in case any big wig corporations try to do something. :p Credits and Resources: Touhou - a lot of jokes and graphics. :P Thanks, ZUN. :D YouTube, Egoraptor, Nintendo, erta:es, blah blah blah - Sounds and voice clips Backgrounds - Background Headquarters ( Most Other Sprites - Sprite Database ( Cheddar X - Ike Sprites (Fixed running edit by me) Fatima picture at the beginning - by Kokorono Arika Luna at the beginning - by Nakano Sora Ike Video - Stolen from Kirk's Ike demonstration video. XD Caution!! Sanae Bounce! - From Nico Nico Video Arc Rise Fantasia Simmah Clip - From omegaevolution's "Rogress Exhibition" Goldar joke - DurhamrockerZ And the other stuff I forgot to list. ._. Sorry. Music in order: [Title Screen / Demo] - Ikoi Forest - Izuna 2 [Load Screen] - Schwer Muta's Theme - Rosenkreuzstilette [Tenant Select 2 ~ Steadily Forward] - Truth, Hope, and Despair - Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones [Tenant ...

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