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Videa Hummer Geiger identiFINDER™ Portable, Handheld Radiation Detection

identiFINDER™ Portable, Handheld Radiation Detection

Handheld Radiation Detection and Identification The identiFINDER is the world's leading spectrometer, dose rate meter and nuclide finder for portable radiation detection and identification applications. The identiFINDER family of handheld, digital gamma spectrometer and dose rate measurement instruments allows the user to locate a radioactive or nuclear source and, once found, identify the isotope(s) in an easy to use, four key system. The identiFINDER combines high sensitivity with a wide dose rate range, performing gamma spectrometry and nuclide identification with performance that meets or exceeds ANSI N42.34 for radiation detection. Multiple Configurations The identiFINDER family of radiation detectors provides a range of models to meet your specific application needs. Each identiFINDER model includes complete digital gamma spectroscopy and dose rate systems with a high voltage power supply, amplifier and on-board memory. The user can select from a wide variety of spectroscopy detector types and features to match specific radiation detection applications. Customizations include a digital handheld multi-channel analyzer (MCA), a dose rate meter, a radiation source finder and an automatic nuclide identification tool.

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