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"Hummer " manufactured by General Motors (USA ) has made its foray into India, Prasad Panikker, originally from Kerala, who runs a industry in UAE, & a resident of Kadri ( mangalore) here, is the proud owner of this prestigious vehicle. The vehicle continuously has connectivity with security agencies through the satellite. If someone steals the vehicle, the vehicle sends the signal to the policemen immediately through the satellite. As the driver/owner has to start the vehicle through his/her secret codes, which are registered in advance through the satellites, others cannot start the vehicle. It would be impossible for the thieves to lay hands on valuables kept in the vehicle, and in USA, this vehicle is specifically used for security purposes. GM manufactures Hummer for the Defence while Hummer H2 is meant exclusively for civilians. This Vehical gives a mileage of 2 km per litre of petrol.!! Bollywood superstars like Sunil Shetty, cricketer Dhoni, and pop singer Mica who also own Hummer.Base price MSRP in 2008 for the Hummer H2 is $53286( USD) & This topend Model price was 5.7Cr.. IndianRupee..!!

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