Video - Hummer Limo Douchebaggery - Poland Day 4

Videa Hummer Limousine Hummer Limo Douchebaggery - Poland Day 4

Hummer Limo Douchebaggery - Poland Day 4

Two drunken American idiots (me & Dan Dobi) embarrass themselves in Poland. Then it's Goodbye Warsaw, Hello Krakow! This video covers night #3 (in Warsaw) through the entire Day 4 in Krakow. Enjoy our exciting travel adventures with your face, eyes and ears! Greg's Vlogs Theme by Greg Benson SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO FOR GREG'S VLOGS! Send me a photo of you with a huge excited smile on your face and a big thumbs up to camera, and hold a sign which reads GREG'S VLOGS. Feel free to be creative! Mail it to mfart (at) mail (dot) com -- and tell me your YouTube channel name if you have one. Thanks friends! :D FYI, I will finish 31 Friends in September. Also, Greg Answers Questions & Douchbaggery will be back! (Plenty of Polish Douchbaggery coming this week!) Music by Nathan Wills Youtube: Internet: Check out the other YouTubers I hung out with on the trip Tags: funny comedy parody random prank improv goofy silly hilarious comedic great good cheer pointless talking blog vlog fun time youtube celebrities friends friend guy girl cute sweet nice standup video stand up comedian idiot crazy weird dumb funny announcement going to Warsaw Poland strange humor sketch cool best amazing odd bored laugh humour comic jokes lol travel travelogue hummer stretch limo limousine fancy car American tourists tourist idiots

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