Video - hummer h2 on 30 inch and ipad

Videa Hummer H2 hummer h2 on 30 inch and ipad

hummer h2 on 30 inch and ipad

The sickest Hummer, his name is Junior and there is nothing Junior about him, lol. The truck has 4 10.4 inch screens, a 21 inch drop down, LED lighting anywhere it could b put inside and out. Rolling on 30 inch Giovanna caracass rims and lowered. It's head unit is a motorized Ipad, and running it is a Audison Bit One. What that means is I can have so much bass in one setting that it will wake ur grandma up from the dead and make her beat u with her shoe, lol. Or it can b at the setting where ur rock n roll is nice and crisp. Wanna give a shout out to 604 Autosound for the Ipad install as well as the LED lighting and for all the great ideas. Al o wanna thank Arpan Deol for his input on the artwork and Nick Boos for making the artwork come to life. I can't forget to give Bobby, Darren, Avraj,Navi, Harj and Par a shoutout for going deaf with me as we test the system during the playoffs, lol.

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