Video - Hummer H2 2007 Yellow NP08508

Videa Hummer "H6" Hummer H2 2007 Yellow NP08508

Hummer H2 2007 Yellow NP08508

You will love this Yellow 4 door HUMMER! This vehicle is powered by a Gas V8 6.0L/366 engine with , an Automatic transmission, and 4WD. We priced this HUMMER H2 to sell quickly! You will find that is vehicle is loaded with options like: Luggage Rack Side Rails, Front And Rear Painted A Single Color Bumpers, Black Front And Rear Wheel Flares, a Chrome Grille, Dual Composite Halogen With Automatic Exterior Lamp Control Headlamps, Auxiliary Front Lighting Wiring Provisions, Daytime Running Lamps, 3 Front And 3 Rear Identification Markers Lamps, 2 Front And 2 Rear Clearance Marker Lamps and Power-Folding And Driver-Side Auto-Dimming With Memory Outside Heated Power-Adjustable Mirrors. What are you waiting for?

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