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H2 Hummer Limo also has three plasma televisions, 50", 17" and 9" screens inside, with 300+ DirecTV channels. We can order special sporting events. 200+ Sirius satellite radio. Amps & Subs giving you the ultimate surround sound that you can feel! Stainless ceiling and bar with LED fiber star gazers in the roof and bar areas. The bar is designed to store up to four cases assorted longnecks bottles and other refreshments. Ice, Coke, 7-up, and bottled water are always complementary. The 200" chrome polished diamond plate disco floor is LED lighting system with seven different colors that can strobe, flash, pulse, or slow burn that gives many different visual lighting effects. The ultimate entertainment system includes a DVD, Cd, Mp3, and Ipod Connector. Soft leather seats with ostridge inserts, the bars are covered in ostridge skin. The largest screens in HDTV SUV limousines in Texas. Call 214-696-LIMO or 214-696-5466




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