Video - CTS_Futurama by artist Jeremy Dean

Videa Hummer CTS_Futurama by artist Jeremy Dean

CTS_Futurama by artist Jeremy Dean

On Sunday March 8th 2010 Jeremy Dean made New york City history by taking his converted Hummer entitled Futurama out for a spin. Entering Central park in New York at 69th St. and Central Park West (at the old Tavern on the Green location) Dean had his hand crafted vehicle pulled by two white horse aptly named Duke and Diesel. Dean has taken a gas guzzling 8 mile-per-gallon HUMMER H2, a symbol of extravagance, and converted it into a working horse drawn cart. Dean has pimped it out with silver chrome, working LED lights and a booming audio and video system. He calls this piece the CEO Stagecoach. to view more on this project please visit: Location View Jeremy Dean, CEO Stagecoach, Central Park, New York, NY. 2010 videographer Gareth Paul Cox, editor Diego del Sol video courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.

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