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CODEPINK Hummer Burial Ceremony in Detroit.f4v

It's been one month since General Motors ceased production of it's gas guzzling Hummer. So it's only fitting that the women's peace group CODEPINK should come to Detroit to celebrate the passing on of the Hummer. The Hummer, the demon child of all polluting SUV has now been officially painted pink (to symbolize peace) and on June 21, 2010 was laid to rest at the world famous Heidelberg Arts Project, in GM's own backyard. The Hummer now rest amongst overflowing plants, flowers and butterflies that symbolize a more sustainable and greener future. A pink bicycle appears to explode triumphal from the Hummers windshield, symbolizing the birth of a new green age of transportation in Detroit. In the background the devil and his minions (in the form of old discarded tires) seem pile on the Hummer pushing it down to be with it's maker. But this not a story of doom and gloom but rather a story of rebirth and hope. It is cause for great celebration and rejoicing for America's greener future and for the planet we must all learn to live peacefully on.

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