Video - Back to the Future Hummer Limo video tour

Videa Hummer Limousine Back to the Future Hummer Limo video tour

Back to the Future Hummer Limo video tour

Here we have the most Exotic and Luxurious Limousine in Florida. This HUMMER is loaded with everything from its unique style of Gullwing rear door entry, to XBox 360. The Hummer has had the roof raised 6" providing more headroom, and the color changing dance floor and surround sound system makes this a club on wheels. Just to list some extra features - Elegant Xenon ground effect full body kit - 22" Chrome Wheels - 3 lighted bubbling fish tanks - Large LCD TV with DVD/CD/MP3 capabilities - Beautiful Color changing ceiling - Lighted fireplace - Strobe Lights - Laser light show Like I said this Hummer comes fully equipped to go out on the town for you and 19 of your friends, yea thats right this HUMMER seat 20 . If anyone is interested in renting this vehicle please jump on to our website or call us at (877) 641-LIMO Video was produced by VR360 Video

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