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Videa Hummer HX 34139-Maisto-Dirt-Riders-Hummer-Hx-Concept-124-Diecast-Wholesale.mpg

34139-Maisto-Dirt-Riders-Hummer-Hx-Concept-124-Diecast-Wholesale.mpg 34139 Maisto Dirt Riders - Hummer Hx Concept. 1:24 scale (1/24 scale) diecast collectible model car. This Hummer Hx Concept is a 7.25"L x 3.25"W x 3.75"H die cast metal car with openable doors & hood. Free wheeling. This Hummer Hx Concept is manufactured by Maisto. 4 pcs per display box in DUST and MUD color. GM is a trademark of the General Motors Corporation.

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