Video - 2006 HUMMER H3 4x4 Luxury Adventure 1-Owner $19995 PROTRUCKSPLUS.COM

Videa Hummer 4x4 2006 HUMMER H3 4x4 Luxury Adventure 1-Owner $19995 PROTRUCKSPLUS.COM

2006 HUMMER H3 4x4 Luxury Adventure 1-Owner $19995 PROTRUCKSPLUS.COM

2006 Hummer H3 Luxury Package 4x4 1-local owner! One of the best condition units we have seen and taken in on trade from the original owner. Loaded to the gills with every single option includeing Automatic Transmission, Giant Glass Moon Roof, Fully Trimmed Factory Leather Seating Dual Heated and Powered, Navigation, Chrome Wheels, Running Boards, Upgraded Gas Filler and One of the best color combo's around. A unique and Classy Green exterior and a Beautiful Cream Leather with Dark Piping throughout. Feel the Luxury and Adventure Hummer has to offer in this gently used vehicle. Dealer Serviced since day 1 this may me the best darn unit you will ever find! Hummer Go Anywhere!Thanks for checking out our ad! Be sure to click the GIGANTIC LINK ABOVE to see an extensive photo shoot and test drive video of this vehicle along with the rest of our handpicked stock! We specialize in Turbo Diesels and know what we're looking for down to where the engine block was manufactured so we can take the guess work out of diesel buying and deliver top notch rigs. We are an appointment based, warehouse facility, we do not sell high interest dealer financing at Pro Trucks Plus, just great trucks - Please call ahead to make an appointment and have your finances in order. CONTACT INFORMATION Telephone: 9 2 5 - 4 4 9 - 4 7 4 7 Text: 9 2 5 - 6 6 7 - 8 5 4 0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We buy, sell, and trade all sorts of vehicles. If you have a vehicle that would be worth more to you as cash ...

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