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2002 American General Hummer H1

2002 Hummer H1 Tough as nails with a look all its own... Since its introduction, the Hummer is one of few vehicles used by the military that is also available for private purchase. This American General Hummer H1 was designed literally to perform in the worst driving and climate conditions with a long drivable life span. The awesome part about this Hummer is its low miles. Now that the H1 is retired from production you'll find that this one is young in its life and is sure to retain its value for years to come. Driving around town, you'll definitely turn heads. Off-road, you'll have the envy of 4 wheel drivers everywhere. If you're looking for a truck that'll scale ledges up to 22 inches, climb 60-degree grades, traverse 40-degree slopes, and drive through 2 and a half feet of water... this is the Hummer you are looking for. All in a package that's reliable and durable for use by the US Military. Under the hood is a 6.5L 8-cylinder diesel motor. Like everything else about this Hummer, everything was designed for purpose. It has 195 horsepower, and for raw climbing power it has 430 ft-lbs torque. It has power for any street and the ability to crawl over anything in its way. 37" tires give it 16 inches of ground clearance. The Central Tire Inflation System lets you monitor the tire pressure and an on-board compressor lets you make on the fly adjustments. Mud, Sand, and Snow are no object for this Hummer H1. Looking underneath is my favorite part of a ...

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